Friday, September 24, 2010

BlogHer and Butterflies

Thank you to everyone who read and commented on yesterday's BlogFeast entry.

Please check out my post on BlogHer. It’s an abbreviated version of one I’ve posted on this blog

I also had a previous post on BlogHer.

I’m hoping to be a regular contributed to BlogHer .

Today I need to focus on the positive, so I’m going to share a piece my daughter wrote when they were studying butterflies last spring. I can’t tell if it’s fiction or nonfiction.

This was her assignment:

Some of our butterflies have hatched. We read and talked about the life of a butterfly. Tonight write a story about butterflies and the things they do.

They needed to use these words:







Painted lady



Here it is about a Painted Lady Butterfly (typos included):

I’m finlly out. Time to pump my wings. You know what I’m hugry. I need to use my proboscis (wich is a tongue) to eat. I’m done so its time to fly.

Oww. Something smells good. I smell with my antennaes. I go get redy to mate. Owww a male paited lady butterfly is following me. Mals are territoryul.

I need too pollinate flowers. Now I’m going to mate. Time for me too lay eggs.

I’m going to eat nectar. I tast with my feet.

Butterflies live for a fewe weeks. The eggs must be laed oneder a leaf. If a caterpiller is not hached on its food it will walk in circls and diy.

Have a happy weekend. Let’s hope we all find our wings!


  1. I think your daughter should be under contract. I see bright things in her future.

  2. Watch out, Theresa, she is snapping at your heels, lovely story and I learnt the proper name for a butterfly's tongue.
    So cute, a lovely story.

  3. And hopefully taste with our feet too! LOL!

    So cute. Thanks for sharing. :o)

    Hugs to your daughter--have a great weekend!

  4. Yay - you're on Blogher!!! Good for you!! I remember that piece about your dancing - I enjoyed reading that, thank you.

    And this piece by your daughter is fabulous! Very clever and a beautifully detailed snapshot of a life of a butterfly!! Wonderful - she obviously takes after her talented mum!

    Take care

  5. @ Vicki, thanks!

    @ Walter, if she doesn't become an inventor, I think she's considering writer.

    @ Brigid, I didn't know the name for a butterfly tongue before her reading her piece either!

    @ Jackee, I'd like to fly but I could do without territorial men and tasting with my feet.

    @ Old Kitty, BlogHer has been great about having me post on there. It's been a nice boost to my confidence.

  6. Glad your posting on BlogHer, I must check that out! I loved your daughters piece. She has a way with words. I esp loved the bit, must get ready to mate! Thanks for posting that!

  7. You got a mention on my post, go check it out!

  8. Congratulations! I just saw you listed on KarenGs blog for most intriguing plot! I'm delighted!Good for you!x

  9. Oh I like the first person POV that your daughter has run with .. You can really relate to the butterfly :)

    Loved your Blogher entry. I had read it before on this blog but always nice to revisit.

    Have a super day !!

  10. Really enjoyed your BlogHer post. I'm hearing more and more of schools teaching ballroom dance lessons, which is a great idea. It's good exercise, and the perfect social skill to know throughout life! So I hope we all find our wings, and our feet too ;)

  11. This is precious. An authour in the making.

    Congrats on the Honourable Mention at KarenG's. And thank you for taking time to help me too.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. hi miss theresa! i love that butterfly story. it was neat how it got from hatching out to living to having babies and then dying. she a good writer for sure. for me im still looking for my wings. :)
    ...hugs from lenny

  13. Hi Theresa .. I think that's some story .. I learnt something - she's got my way of story telling while educating .. well that's what I see - labelling poor your daughter 'like me' is a bit much I agree!

    You too have happy weekend together en famille .. and your daughter seems to have found her wings .. to fly in the writing world ..

    Lovely piece .. thanks for posting it .. Hilary

  14. @ Words A Day, a goal-oriented butterfly!

    It was nice to get the mention on KarenG's post. Thanks!

    @ KarenG, it was nice to get the mention. I appreciate knowing what I did well, even if I didn't win.

    @ Clutterbug, yesterday I subbed and taught about 3rd and 1st person POV's. I should've brought this in as an example.

    Thanks for taking a look at my blog entry. BlogHer asks me to promote it, but my readers have already read it on my post.

    @ Joanne, I love the ballroom dancing catching on too. I wish they'd done it was when I was a kid. Maybe I wouldn't have had to write the dancing post!

    @ Ann, I just read her the comments. This is what she said, "Maybe after I'm done being a veterinarian
    for a few years, I'll become a writer."

    @ Hi, Lenny! I hope this means you're feeling better if you're commenting. I read my daughter your comment, and it made her smile.

    I'm still looking for my wings too. I hope you find yours. Hugs back.

    @ Hilary, thanks. This does remind me of your writing style. Your pieces are much longer!

    I hope you have a happy weekend too.

  15. Awwww...Theresa, this is so sweet, so cute, and clever. I love it. Thanks for sharing this. I wish I had my writings when I was in grade school, it would have been so nice to read them again. This is a precious thing! :) I can see where she got her 'writer genes' from :)

  16. @ Len, I wish I'd kept my old writings too. I saved my notebooks for so long, but threw everything out when my parents divorced and we moved out when I was 19.

    My daughter is flattered that I put up her writing + all the nice comments.

  17. Hi Theresa .. she should be proud - she's done a great job & it's wonderful you have shown us what she can do ..

    Yes - my pieces are slightly longer - but not when I'm given 9 words & a max of 100 - even I comply!!

    Enjoy today and tomorrow & the accolades that will flow in for her writing ..

    have fun - Hilary

  18. This is great! I think you have a little writer on your hands, Theresa.

  19. @ Hilary, I wrote a guest post on Write Olive back in May. I kept it under 500 words - a new feat. Why can't I do that on my blog? Though this one was pretty short.

    @ Julie, thanks! She's very proud to be "published".

  20. So sweet! That's a keepsake for sure.

  21. @ Jemi, she does have voice! She figured it out way before I did.

    @ Kari, thanks! I think everyone should write "territorial" like she does.

  22. It appears writing talent runs in your family. :)

  23. On the way over to read your work at the link.

    Great work by your daughter--I think you may have some blogging competition in a few years.

  24. @ Slamdunk, you may be right about my daughter.

    Thanks for checking out the link.

  25. OMG - this is awesome!! Made my day, thanks for sharing. Love it! ;)

  26. @ Talei, you have your butterfly and I have mine. Your post about eyeflashes was so sweet.

  27. Aww that's excellent! She did a great job. :)

  28. @ LR, thanks. I just have to teach her the difference between oh and ow.