Monday, September 20, 2010

Collisions and Comments and Contests

“Lenny is a writer. Lenny makes me smile. I know when I see his name in my comment sectionI’m going to have one of those feel good moments. I know when I see his name on your blog you’re going to have one of those moments too.”

- Sharon Mayhew

I have posts burning a hole in my blog folder.

But they must wait.

Instead, I give you:

Five links:

1 chance to vote (for me, maybe)

1 chance to cheer up a child

3 chances to win

Remember my post Camped and Confused? I mentioned it was going to be a YA Death Flash contest? Please go and vote for your favorite entry. And if my entry isn't your favorite, I wouldn’t be upset. No pressure.

See that oath above you and on my sidebar? That’s from Lenny, who is about to turn 11. He’s been sick. Please go to his blog and leave a comment. Become a follower too! He’d appreciate it.

And TODAY is the last night to enter C.A. Marshall’s free edit on your ENTIRE manuscript contest. Enter to win by midnight:

If you’re looking for a critique or three-month mentorship, check out this contest by Angela Ackerman. It ends 09/29, so there’s still time:

Please check out Write On Con Write On Con . They have a contest giving out mega-cool swag. And it’s to raise money so they can keep doing what they do – providing free conference opportunities to writers. You don’t have to donate to enter, but you get many more chances if you do. Contest ends 09/26 EST.

Thinking of doing any of the above?

Any blog you’d like to recommend?


  1. Thanks for those links. They are great comps.

  2. Thanks for the links. I've been to Lenny's blog and love his oath. I will check out the others.

  3. Lots of good stuff going on here, I'm off to check them out ...

  4. Thanks for the links - good luck to everyone entering! Hope Lenny gets better - am sending tons of healing hugs!!

    take care

  5. Thanks for the links! I just entered the contest and voted for you! Very cute camping piece :)

  6. These links are great and so is the intro quote!! I feel that way about your comments!

  7. Ooo, lots going on. Thanks for the links to check them all out. :)
    Lisa ~ YA Literature Lover

  8. @ Tabitha, thank you. I'm glad you think so.

    @ Christine, good luck with the contests!

    @ Joanne, thanks for checking the links.

    @ Old Kitty, Lenny could use some healing hugs. You've needed a few yourself!

    @ Lisa, thanks for voting for me! I liked the other camping piece too.

    @ Saumya, that's such a nice thing to say. Thank you!

    @ Lisa Gibson, hope you enjoy the links!

  9. Hi Theresa...I've been to Lenny's blog and I'm now a follower. I love his blog! Thanks for these links, I will check them all out. :)

  10. Great post! Way to promote your friends! (Thanks for the quote...I don't think I've ever been quoted before, unless it was "Mrs. Mayhew said, "Sit down and be quiet.")

    Good luck on the contest. I love your camping story...I hopped over and gave you a vote....

  11. @ Len, thanks for commenting and following Lenny!

    @ Sharon, now you've been quoted! : )

    Thanks for the vote.

  12. Wow, a 10 year old blogger. That's amazing. Thanks for the linkage!

  13. Thanks for the links. Theresa. Good luck in the YA Flash Death Match.

  14. Awesome linkage! And thanks for the shout out for WOC! We appreciate it.

  15. @ Amanda, he is an amazing ten-year-old.

    @ Barbra, thanks for checking them out!

    @ Angie, thank you. Writing a piece for the YA Flash Death Match was fun.

    @ Elana, no problem for the shout out!

  16. Amazing linkage Theresa! Just in time for me to be back on the blog! Love it!!!

    As far your contest entry, consider me over there after this comment!

    I adore Lenny!

    The other links will have to wait for this evening!

  17. I definitely had to vote for your camping 'horror' story, best of luck!!

  18. All wonderful links! Thanks for them--I'm off to check them out.

    And congrats on the YA Flash Death Match!

    Have a great week. :)


  19. I'm loving your writer's oath up there!!! I am sooo going to use that in my classroom!!!

  20. This was a post with lots of great information! Just voted for you, by the way.

  21. Life is crazy lately so I appreciate the links :) I went over to Lenny's the other day - he's a sweetie!

  22. @ Jen, I'm glad you're back!

    @ Brigid, thank you!

    @ Jackee, thanks for checking out the links.

    @ Katie, I never thought about it but the oath would be perfect for a classroom.

    @ Julie, that was nice of you to vote for me. I liked the other entry too.

    @ Jemi, that's great you went over to his blog the other day.

  23. I visited Lenny last night. I hope he's doing better.....

    I have his oath pic. I haven't posted it on my sidebar yet. It's important to me to make sure I really mean it first.

    Really cool of you to give all the shout outs.

    You should stop by my blog tomorrow evening if you get the chance....

    Happy Tuesday!

  24. @ The Words Crafter, when you think about what the oath means, it is a pretty big deal to take it.

    I'll visit your blog tonight. Happy Tuesday to you.

    @ Kelly, thanks for visiting.

    @ Bossy Betty, thanks!

  25. I am TOTALLY using that oath in 'my' classroom!!! Also, TOTALLY voted for your camping piece 'cos it TOTALLY deserved it... (was on a train with 14 year olds today... can you tell??)

  26. Great links; thanks for sharing! Also, I love the Writer's Oath. :)

  27. Just voted there on the contest piece for Camped and Confused. Good luck with it:)

  28. Hi Theresa .. thanks - I saw you over at Lenny's .. I left him a get better comment .. sure hope he'll be ok for his birthday ..

    Re the others .. will get there .. thank you - enjoy the week .. Hilary

  29. @ Jessica, I'm a big fan of The Writer's Oath and Lenny.

    @ Olive, thanks for voting. I think the idea for the blog is cool.

    @ Hilary Melton-Butcher, I hope Lenny will be better for his birthday too. Enjoy your week too.

  30. Great links Theresa and I hope you win. :)