Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Haunting and Contest!

Happy Halloween!

I want to thank all of you who have read and commented on my blog. I especially want to thank the many of you have supported me in little and big ways.

Last year, I hosted a Halloween Haunting .

This is how it works:

From 10/31-11/02, leave a comment:

1) Tell us about your blog.

2) If you’re a writer, what genre(s) do you write?

3) Are you looking for a critique partner(s)?

4) Please advertise the Halloween Haunting. (*See below.)

Then haunt at least 3 other the blogs from the comments section.

*Advertise my HALLOWEEN HAUNTING on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or your blog, and you could win a copy of FANGTALES!

If Book Depository delivers to you, you are eligible to win.

I’ll choose a winner on 11/07.

Happy Haunting!


  1. 1. My blog is about writing, teaching, and other aspects of my life.
    2. I write mostly YA and MG.
    3. I'm not looking for a critique partner right now.
    4. I've advertised on my blog, FB, and Google+.

  2. My blog spotlights debut and middle grade authors with book giveaways and agent spotlights.

    I write MG and now YA.

    Not looking for a critique partner, but thanks.

    I posted the contest on Facebook.

  3. Hi Theresa....I write general fiction. My blog features whatever happens to pop into my head at any given time and I would love a critique partner.

    Will of course pass the word of your Halloween Haunting.

    Congratulations again on Fangtales!

    Wishing you and yours a very happy Samhain/Halloween.

  4. Samhain... I had forgotten about that name for Halloween. I think I'm going to say that today. :)

    1. My blog is about writing, usually my writing.
    2. I write YA though across genres. So far I have a contemporary fantasy and something I can't decide on. I"ll be writing a supernatural for NaNo.
    3. I'll share somewhere when I get home from school.

  5. love the haunting hop! its light & easy, just my style!

    * i talk about life & writing, thru flashes, poetry & light hearted blather =)
    * i write thriller, sci fi, fantasy, chick lit...
    * i'll take/be a crit partner =)
    * adding it to my halloween post when i hit publish!

    HaPpY HaLLoWeeN!

  6. Oh fun! My blog is about the trials and tribulations of the query trenches from an unpubbed view point. I also talk about the craft of writing, the publishing industry and various book releases and reviews.

    Happy Halloween!

  7. 1. My blog is a mish-mash of writing, book reviews, and personal posts.
    2. I write YA -- mostly in the Fantasy & Science Fiction field.
    3. Not looking for a CP at this moment, since I don't yet have a completed ms, but if you write YA SF, maybe we could try in the future? :)
    4. I'll advertise on Twitter presently!

  8. How fun! I'm not entering but I'll tell you about my blog and my writing.

    My blog is Under the Tiki Hut. It's a warm and relaxing place for writers and readers to hang out. I post M/W/F on eclectic topics.

    I write Crime Fiction with a Kiss. Officially that's crime fiction with romantic elements, but I like my definition better :)

  9. Hey! I missed this last year, but what a super-great idea! yay! My blogs about writing, life, reviews, whatever's in my head. I write YA and adult fiction, and I'm not really looking for a CP at the moment. But new friends are always welcome. :o)

    Happy Halloween, T!

  10. Happy Halloween lovely Theresa! And happy happy bloghopping too for everyone doing this!! Hooorah!!! And if anyone wants to visit my silly blog - be forewarned - it is full of bad poetry, chocolate, baking and cooking and of course cats. Especially my cat, Charlie! Yay!

    Take care

  11. Hi Theresa! Happy Halloween!!!

    1. My blog is about writing, books, being a mom and life in general.
    2. I write MG and women's fiction.
    3. I'm not looking for a critique partner right now.
    4. I've advertised FB :)

  12. What a fun way to celebrate Halloween! Let's see my blog is mostly about writing with an occasional dash of 80s-related whatnot. I don't like to tie myself to one genre, but I'd say I trend toward Chick Lit & Romance. I actually happen to be blessed w/ the best crit partner in the whole wide world. :) I'll get tweeting toute suite!

    P.S. The Fangtales cover is awesome!

  13. My blog has no theme. I honestly don't know why anyone visits. I write about writing sometimes but more often than not a bitch about publishing or agents or something like that. Then inbetween I post funny .gifs I find.

  14. Hi there! Okay: I blog about inspiration, writing and life and write all kinds of YA. No critique partner needed and I'll go tweet right NOW!


  15. 1. One blog is about writing, music, and life.
    My other is celebrity book recommendations. (
    2. I write pb, mg, and poetry.
    3. Not as of now, thank you!
    4. Tweeted!

  16. Writer's Ally is were I spotlight authors, books, and explore the publishing world. I also chat about motherhood. My team blog is for exploring all that is YA.

    I write YA, MG, & picture books.

    I can always use a new set of eyes. I would love a solid PB critique partner as well as a regular group of YA critters. I really enjoy helping others with their WIPs, too!

    I'll tweet away!

  17. My blog is about my writing of course, and any other tidbit of my life I care to share. Nowadays I mainly write adult urban fantasy but in the past I have also written YA fantasy. Quite possibly in the near future I could use a few critique partners. I advertised the Halloween Haunting on my blog:

  18. 1) my blog is about marketing books
    2) i write ya - have a book coming out nov 29th
    3) I have more critique partners than I can take :)

  19. 1) My blog is about life in Chicago, online dating, teaching, and whatever I'm obsessing about at that particular moment.

    2) I write chick lit and creative nonfiction.

    3) I don't need a critique partner right now, but someday I would like one.

    4) I advertised the haunting on my blog post for today.

    Off to go haunt other blogs now! Woooooooo.....!!!!

  20. 1) My blog is about books, writing, and a few miscellaneous items.

    2) I write contemporary YA.

    3) Not at the moment.

    4) Facebook and Twitter @sharifwrites

    Now I'm going to haunt a few blogs.

  21. Great idea!

    1.) My blog deals with writing and the journey towards publication. IT also deals with the odd bit of martial arts

    2.) My novels have been crime fiction, but my short stories vary -- lately they seem to sway towards horror

    3.) Not currently seeking a critique partner

    4.) FB, G+ and Twitter

  22. I came too late to the party! Off to trick or treat, but hmmm...I write middle grade, my blog is good sometimes and okay sometimes, my goal is to...hmmm...better work on one. :) HH!

  23. This was so much fun last year. I found some great blogs.

    1. My posts usually have something to do with what class I subbed that day.

    2. I write fantasy and sometimes science fiction.

    3. I will eventually need a critique partner, but not until I finish something.

    4. I will post on Facebook and Twitter. Tomorrow, hopefully. (I'm playing catch up today, and in about an hour I'm going out trick or treating with my niece and nephews.)

  24. This is a great way to mingle. Unfortunately I'm so behind from my week away from home that I'm just trying to catch up to those who commented on my posts while I was away that I won't be able to play quite like I'm supposed to. But I will answer the questions.

    1. My main blog is an eclectic mishmash of different things, but mostly it is related to writing.

    2. I write stories that usually have spiritual connections (though not usually overt) or look at various issues using various genres including sci-fi, modern historical, and life studies.

    3. I would like to find critique partners for when I have a novel completed. I have critiqued the work of others.

    Have fun with the Haunting!

    Tossing It Out

  25. Hi, Theresa,

    Happy Haunting!

    1) My blog The Character Depot has evolved from being all about characters to a bit of everything about writing and my homeland.

    2) I mostly write romantic suspense and women's fiction, but I also write YA.

    3) Not looking for critique partner(s)right now.

    4) I did on Twitter.

  26. Great idea, Theresa! My blog is about my writing journey, and right now mostly I'm talking about my progress on my new wip. I write YA fantasy, sci fi, and (this is new for me!) mystery.

    I hope you had a wonderful Halloween, Theresa!

  27. Cool idea.

    1. I write about writing and photography and anything industry related.

    2. I write YA with danger, suspense, and hot makeout session.

    3. I don't need a CP.

    Hope you have an awesomely haunted Halloween, Theresa!

  28. What a wonderful idea, Theresa. Happy Halloween to you too!

  29. 1) Tell us about your blog.

    My blog is a writer/flutist ramblings about words and music.

    2) If you’re a writer, what genre(s) do you write?

    I write fantasy, sci fi, romance, and YA

    3) Are you looking for a critique partner(s)?

    I have some great critique partners *wink wink, Theresa*
    But I could fit in one more...

    4) Please advertise the Halloween Haunting. (*See below.)

  30. Oooh, fun idea! I need to get out there and haunt more blogs. Great idea, T!

  31. 1. My blog is about writing, and social media.
    2. I write mostly YA fantasy and scifi as well as speculative short stories.
    3. I'm not looking for a critique partner right now.
    4. I've advertised on twitter and google+.

  32. That's a great idea! Sorry, I have my post all set for the Insecure Writer's Support Group or I'd participate.

  33. 1. My blog is called The Serial Killer Files. I sometimes talk about serial killers, but mainly I talk about my publishing journey.

    2. I write psychological thrillers. CREEP is out now; FREAK will be out in 2012.

    3. Not looking for a crit partner at the moment.

    4. I will tweet about the contest!

    Happy Haunting, Theresa!

  34. This is so great, Theresa! How fun! And, congratulations on Fangtales, yay!!!

    1) My blog is called What Else Is Possible?, and it is dedicated to my writing and publishing goals.

    2) I write suspense and mystery with a paranormal element, at least that is what I'm writing at the moment!

    3) I'm not looking for a crit partner at the moment.

    4) I will advertise on my blog and on Twitter! :)

  35. Neat hop!

    1. My blog is sometimes about writerly humor but mostly about nothing. Like Seinfeld. Although I do like myths and folklore so on Sundays I do a mythbusting evaluation of those type of things.

    2. I write romantic fiction with a bit of suspense thrown in.

    3. I have some lovely crit partners right now, so not looking.

    4. Will be tweeting!

  36. My blog is called Putting Pen To Paper and it's all about writing picture books and middle grade novels.

    I write humor and adventure with a little non-fiction mixed in.

    I do have crit partners. Very excellent crit partners.

    Tweeted. And haunting. Bwa ha ha ha

  37. Hi Theresa,

    Congrats on Fangtales! What an awesome cover. I'd join your Halloween fest if I hadn't just started NaNo today. And after being unplugged for over 9 days (stupid computer crashed) I have so much catching up to do. I need to put in 10 to 15 hr. days all month. If you do your blogfest next Halloween, I'll join in the fun. I think it's a great idea!

  38. I just Facebooked and Twittered your haunt. Happy Halloween.

  39. Great idea Theresa! I write historical romance, and my blog is over at The Girdle of Melian.
    A shout out to Adam Heine, who taught me how to linky link in comments.

  40. Eeeks! Looks like I've missed this, bah. So sorry I didn't make it by sooner! Hope you had a great Hallowe'en. And thank YOU for everything!

  41. hi miss theresa! wowee! cool book! heres my answers to those questions
    1. my blogs a mix up of lots of stuff. mostly i do stuff about writing but lots of times i do posts on stuff you maybe didnt know
    2. i love writing and mostly i do kids stories but im working a a mg one now
    3. i already got a cool cp but maybe when i write more i could need a couple more
    4.yikes!i got here too late to be a advertizer for your haunting. ack!
    …hugs from lenny

  42. I'd participate, but I've already posted for the Insecure Writer's Support Group . . . wish I had seen this earlier. It's a great idea. :)

  43. 1. I blog about writing, my life, mythical creatures, writing contests and lots more.

    2. I write fantasy, horror, romance, and more. I write PBs, for MG and YA and adults.

    3. I would love another beta reader for my upper MG fantasy novel.

    4. Posted on my fan page and twitter.

  44. 1. I blog about what interest me on the "the wild magnolia", and "chaos and old night" is exclusively my poetry and haiku.
    2. Writing poetry and haiku. Several stories are languishing in the wings, and to, there is a novel.
    3. Currently have one friend who critiques. No more than I write this is plenty.
    4. Posting on Twitter. (I am sanlolarose)

    Now to haunt my 3. Posting on my blog.

    Sliding in late for the fun....Great idea.