Sunday, January 15, 2017

Promotion and Pre-Orders

I finally held an advance copy of TIME & CIRCUMSTANCE.

It became real and surreal. 

Suddenly, Vine Leaves Press is promoting my book. 

With two months left, 

I’m feeling the push 

to promote my book. 

Promote myself. 

Yesterday, I visited a local poetry group. 

In two weeks, I’ll do my first poetry reading.

I teach, I have read excerpts of my kid lit aloud. 

I don’t know why this is SO HARD.

Maybe it’s because some parts are autobiographical.

My blog’s been up since 2009. 

I’ve already shared a lot about my life.

I ask myself, Why is this different?

Finally, I’ve gotten to the bottom of things.

Even though I’ve critiqued poetry, 

and even determined what poetry is fit for a journal,

Now a publisher is taking a chance on


People I don’t know will review my book.

Now that the book is available for PRE-ORDER ,

I’d better get used to it.

Because I actually became a top seller for a time.

People are actually buying my book.

If you do too, I hope you enjoy it.

I wrote it from my heart.



I'm in some good company.