Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Inbox

My Inbox

We’re past the time of
Return receipt requested
From slush pile to inbox
Right to spam.

I’ve initially been reviewed
While my submission’s been received
I should expect to hear back or
Not at all.

If they’re interested,
They’ll let me know
In other words, don’t call us,
We’ll call you.

Phone interview screenings
Lead to real in person views
Let’s play 20 Questions before
Mock lessons.

Like what we’ve read, so
We’re requesting pages
A partial, a full, a

The position’s been filled
Form rejection’s been sent,
Expiration date’s passed 
Like bad milk.

Crafted resume, cover,
Query, synopsis, pages
It’s all the same in the end
No, thank you.

I collect interview requests
Like business cards,
Third time’s the charm
Job offer.

As they like to say,
it just takes on yes 
Maybe’s an agent’s next...

One more try.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Haikus and Summer Notes

morning chill, midday
swelter, wind-swept dusk, crisp night
stars succumb to rain 

morning after road
puddles scar, a reminder
on this journey sought

white. barren. ink sketch.
bursts of lemon drop color
on lush green canvas.

sunset walk with dog
his nose never leaves the ground
I gaze at hushed sky

Summer Notes: 

My summer poems are not available on this blog because I'm entering a local poetry contest.

 Vine Leaves Literary Journal , where I'm a poetry editor, now comes in a print edition and will be published twice a year. 

I received a job offer in July, and I just started my job working as a special education teacher. I'll post when I can. 

Happy Labor Day!