Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Adventures of...

Kent: Lois, I thought you were in danger. I just tried to help.

Lane: You? Why should I need your help, when I can always count on—

Kent: I know… Superman.

Episode "The Mind Machine" from television show "The Adventures of Superman


“The Saga of the Substitute Teacher

Rising earlier than most educators!

More subjects than a Renaissance Man!

Able to go from building to building in a single week!”


“Look at the school!

With a call! And a plan!

It's Substituteteacherwoman!”


“Yes, it’s Substituteteacherwoman, former Assistant from the fifth-grade with lessons and plans far beyond those of normal teachers. Substituteteacherwoman, who can teach the course of Advance Placement Chemistry, rub preschooler’s backs with her bare hands; and who, disguised as an ordinary mother and Art Committee volunteer in the city of Cambridge, fights a never ending battle for a high school History job, a book contract, and the American way!”

Inspired by yesterday's post and:


  1. After discussing my day, my husband jokingly made comparisons between my job and a superhero's (mysterious call, asking me to help those in need). Later, I decided make a parody of "The Adventures of Superman".

  2. Nicely done! This exactly what I was thinking as I read the previous post!

  3. @ Alesa, this was the birth of my substitute teacher take on Superman on my sidebar.