Monday, October 25, 2010

A Blogfest, Comment, and Haunting

Brenda Drake is hosting:

The Never-ending Scene Blogfest

(or cliffhanger--whatever)

October 25-26

My entry is on my second blog, Earnest Writer's Excerpts.

Here's how it works. On your blog site, write a new scene or post a scene from your current project that is no more than 500 words, which has a rocking cliffhanger (pun intended). It can be any genre. Just leave us hanging, craving more, and cursing your name for making us want to turn a page that isn't there.

This is the prize:

1st Place: A 10 page manuscript critique AND a synopsis critique OR $50 towards manuscript edits,which average about $500.

Two runner ups will get: Either a 10 page manuscript OR a synopsis critique OR $25 towards manuscript edits, which average about $500.

From C.A. Marshall! Check out CA Marshall's Website.

In other news, I won Comment! of! the! Week! on Nathan Bransford’s blog. He rejected The Mist Chasers, but maybe he’ll remember me when I submit Naked Eye. Right now it’s up to 20k, so it won’t be any time soon.

Lastly, It’s almost time for my HALLOWEEN HAUNTING.

From 10/28-11/1 come haunt my blog. Leave a comment:

1) Tell us about your blog.

2) If you’re a writer, what genre(s) do you write?

3) Are you looking for a critique partner(s)?

4) Did you advertise the Halloween Haunting? (See below.)

Then haunt at least 3 other blogs. If you advertise my HALLOWEEN HAUNTING on Twitter, Facebook, and/or your blog, you’ll be eligible to win one of THREE signed BOOKS:

Tantalized by Cythia Leitich Smith

Green Angel by Alice Hoffman

Travel Team by Mike Lupica


And here are the other The Never-ending Scene Blogfest participants:

1. Gabriela Lessa

2. LS Murphy

3. C Scott Morris

4. Gabrielle

5. Donna Hole

6. Tessa Conte

7. KM @ One Page At A Time

8. Writers Block NZ

9. Tina Lynn

10. J.C. Martin @ Fighter Writer

11. Stephanie Haefner

12. Gale Martin

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14. Rachel Morgan Writes

15. Francine Howarth

16. Jamie Manning

17. Mara Nash

18. Jennie Bailey

19. J.W. Parente @ In My Write Mind

20. Sabrina Wolford

21. Marieke

22. Theresa Milstein

23. Denise L' Aussie

24. Christopher S. Ledbetter

25. Dawn Embers

26. S.M. @Writes My Life

27. Rachael Harrie

28. Erin Kane Spock

29. NRWick

30. Mary Jo Campbell

31. Dominic de Mattos

32. Jodi Henry@ Turning the Page

33. erica and christy

34. words ' n' whimsy

35. Elizabeth Arroyo

36. Jessie Harrell

How was your weekend?

37. Jennifer Hoffine

38. Cheree Smith

39. Janet B Taylor

40. Sangu Mandanna

41. Nikki McCormack

42. Gale Martin (use this link, pls.)

43. Raquel Byrnes,

44. Michael Di Gesu

45. Shallee

46. Summer Ross

47. Roland D. Yeomans

48. Rebel in Remission

49. J E Fritz

50. Shelley Watters

51. Wendy Tyler Ryan


  1. What a fun contest Theresa!!!! Oh my gosh only one other commentor than myself?? That never happens! Looks like my sidebar love is helping me out :)

    My weekend was not nearly long enough (they never are) but the weather was gorgeous and my hubby was home!

  2. Congrats on Comment Of The Week, raising my coffee cup in a toast :)

    My weekend? Hm, my muse and myself were continuing to strip wallpaper and prep kitchen walls :/

  3. Ahh, so fun!! I think I got a writing injury from the neurotic weekend activities. Congrats on Comment of the Week! I loove his blog.

  4. Congrats on winning comment of the week. I bet that can be quite competitive since he is a LA.

    Sports and family occupied the weekend. I hope you enjoy your work week.

  5. Oh wow!!! Congratulations with your comment of the week!!Wooo-hoo!!!! Brilliant!!!!

    And thanks for the links to these fab blogfests! Good luck with your amazing entry!!

    Take care

  6. Cool contest! And congrats on the comment of the week award:-)

    And my weekend, all in all it was good.

  7. Congrats on the comment award @ Nathan's place! That's awesome!

  8. Wow, you are the blogging Queen! You have so many blog things going on. It's so exciting. :)

  9. Wish I could participate, this looks good, but dang it I have to pass this time.

  10. I saw your comment of the week on NB's blog, and I cheered. Congrats.

    My weekend? Same as always. Kinda boring, but I did get some writing done, so it wasn't a total loss.

  11. Congratulations on the Comment of the Week award!!!! Blogfest!!! Yumm! Count me in!!! But ummm, wait, don't know if I've got a 'cliffhanger' in my project that's worth posting, LOL.

  12. @ Clarissa, I agree. Blogfests don't usually come with prizes.

    @ Jen, I'm so glad to have sidebar love.

    Sounds like a nice weekend. They never are long enough.

    @ Joanne, thanks for the toast!

    I hope you get those walls finished soon.

    @ Saumya, a writing injury?! What kind?

    @ Slamdunk, I think he just picked it because he liked the "30 Rock" reference. It was nice to get the nod.

    I may e-mail you soon with crime questions.

  13. @ Old Kitty, thanks. I hope you come back for the Halloween Haunting.

    @ PaulGreci, thanks. Glad the weekend was good. I already can't wait for the next one.

    @ L.T. Elliot, I like his Grover clip too.

    @ Aubrie, I'm running out of blog things going on now that I'm so busy. In a week, I may be out of stuff!

    @ KarenG, I'm sorry you're going to miss it. I had wanted to do one, but then you did the BBQ so I thought I'd wait.

    @ Liz, thanks. I'm glad you got some writing done.

    @ Len, I'm sure you have a cliffhanger! Hope the writing is going well.

  14. Sounds like there's some exciting stuff going on over here! My weekend was okay, but my husband was out of town so I had to do all the chauffering, cross country meet watching, soccer cheering, etc. by myself - got me all tuckered out. :)

  15. Wow, lots going on over here. Congrats on the Comment of the Week.

    Good luck with the Cliffhanger!

  16. @ Susan, my husband was out of town too, so I did all the tasks myself too. I'm glad he's back.

    @ Vicki, thank you!

  17. Hi Theresa .. love your energy and the blogfest .. and great news you won Comment of the Week .. well done - it's great having interacting comments to one's post or story .. or, or, or!!

    Pity about Mist Chasers .. loved the title!!

    Enjoy the week .. Hilary

  18. Woohoo on Comment of the Week! This blogfest looks fun, but as my head is about to explode, I'm going to have to abstain.

  19. Kudos on comment of the week:)

  20. Lots of great stuff here, Theresa! Congrats on Comment Of The Week, and I'll do my best to be back here for your Halloween Haunting!

  21. @ Hilary, thanks. What do you mean, "Pity about Mist Chasers"?

    @ Talli, now that you're a published author you may not need to win a critique anyway.

    @ Erica, thank you!

    @ Shelley, I hope you can make the Halloween Haunting. I'll put up a post on the day of and get around to blogs for reminders.

  22. Yeah on comment of the week! I love 30 Rock. Make sure you remind Nathan that you won comment of the week when you submit Naked Eye.

  23. @ Missed Periods, it will be so many months from now, I wonder if he'll remember it.

  24. Theresa...Congratulations on winning on NB's blog!!! I'd keep track of the link and include it in your query when you are ready...

    Have a great week! It looks like you are crazy busy!!! And that doesn't include your day job...

  25. @ Elana, thanks! I didn't even know I was in the running.

    @ Sharon, thank you. Things are crazy these days.

    You have a great week too.

  26. It is I, the first haunter. OoooOOOOoooo.

    Yeah. Something like that.

    I also work with high schoolers - the cutest, sweetest and most selfish beings on the planet. (Sometimes in one person...)

    Well I'm a-hauntin'. I will twitter you right now, since I love me my Alice Hoffman.

    52 Faces started off as a spiritual exploration and turned into a general life blog where I post about NaNoWriMo, dogs (I'm obsessed with pit bulls and rescues), and the occasional life event like concerts and car crashes. I also love me my alliteration.

    I write YA Fantasy (with some foray into contemporary or adult) and I'm ALWAYS looking for high-level critique partners. I used to a playwright and a film/television actor, and I've edited essays professionally for 7 years.

    Nice to meet you!

  27. @ Jen, yay! Thanks.

    @ 52 Faces, I just gave you the new link on your blog. Thanks for participating!