Thursday, October 28, 2010



Haunt blogs, find friends and critique buddies. It’s a great way to find blogs to follow and get more followers. And a chance to WIN PRIZES!

From 10/28-11/1 come haunt my blog.

Leave a comment:

1) Tell us about your blog.

2) If you’re a writer, what genre(s) do you write?

3) Are you looking for a critique partner(s)?

4) Did you advertise the Halloween Haunting? (*See below.)

Then haunt at least 3 other the blogs of at least three other commenters.

*If you advertise my HALLOWEEN HAUNTING on Twitter, Facebook, and/or your blog, you’ll be eligible to win one of THREE signed BOOKS:

Tantalized by Cythia Leitich Smith

Green Angel by Alice Hoffman

Travel Team by Mike Lupica

You may tell me which book you'd like to win in the comments section too.

It's open to US and international residents.

Happy Haunting!


  1. Hi,

    Great idea, Theresa, and I'm game for haunting fun:

    1) My blog looks as though decorated with blogfest entries, but if you delve you'll find posts relating to historical research, poetry, etc., and excerpts from novels.

    2) I'm a romance writer covering several sub genre in the romantic sphere, though have dabbled in YA for a blogfest, which was fun to write and way out of my comfort zone!

    3) I'm not looking for critique partner/s as such, but could be tempted by those interested in British related historical romance.

    4) I'm advertising the Halloween Haunting on my blog, but I'm not with facebook or Twitter so that's a no no I'm afraid.

    I'm happy to skip the prizes because I'm UK based! ;) But am looking forward to meeeting new bloggers.


  2. What a great idea. I will mention it.
    1.My blog, Christine's Journey, is about me and my writing on the path to publication (hopefully one day). I mainly discuss anything about writing, books,and life.

    2.I write young adult that usually contains something paranormal or scifi along with some romance.

    3. I have a few CPs now that I love, but I'm always looking for another source for feedback.

    4. I will do a short post today.

    I will be back to haunt a few others.

    So cute. Love hauntings. :)

  3. Hi Theresa! This is a cool idea!

    1. My blog is all about life, travels, the books I've read mostly and about my writing.

    2. I write MG and YA with a bit of magic and the supernatural.

    3. I now have a couple of CPs but like Christine, would like to meet another source for feedback :)

    4. I've posted Halloween Haunting on my blog today!!! Yay!!!

    I think I'm also going to skip the prizes because I'm UK-based...but will be visiting other blogs as I love meeting new bloggie-friends!!!!

    Happy Halloween!!!!

  4. I just updated the post. The contest is open to US and International Residents. I don't mind shipping overseas!

  5. This is a great idea! It will definitely be fun to haunt other bloggers and make some new friends.

    1.) The Eagle's Aerial Perspective is all about me, writing thoughts, and interesting tidbits I think are worth posting about. This can range over many subjects, but one constant are my book reviews, which I post every few days.

    2.) I write a lot of different genres, as long as it captures my attention. But currently I am involved in a lot of Science Fiction.

    3.) I'm not currently looking for a critique partner for my writing--I'm not quite at that stage yet.

  6. Hey Chick!!! Told you I'd stop by :)

    1) Titled Unedited I post about life, love, and all about writing.

    2) I love YA fantasy but Adult thriller also works!

    3) I am not currently looking for crit partners

    4) Um, ah, *blushes* I haven't... but it'll be fixed!

  7. I don't want to advertise, just say what an AWESOME idea! As usual, you rock! :)

  8. Awwww what a lovely idea!!! Enjoy Theresa's Halloween Haunting people!!!!!

    It's spooky and scary and full tricks AND treats!! :-)

    I'll put this up on my blog asap! Take care


  9. This is great, Theresa!

    1. My blog is called Dancing Down Serendipity Street. It's about my writing journey, life, and some randomness mixed in.

    2. I write YA novels that are contemporary, but I have plans for some paranormals, too.

    3. I'm not ready for CP's. But thanks for the opportunity!

    4. I just found out about this because I've been MIA, but I will post it in my sidebar.

  10. Yay!!!! It's open to international residents!!!!!

    I'd like the Green Angel pleaaaassseeee!!!! :)

    Thanks, Theresa!!! :)

  11. Phew! With all the advanced publicity, I was sure I'd miss it when the day finally arrived, but here I am!

    1) My blog is called "Everywhere I Go" but it's at I write about anything that strikes my fancy at the time. I try to make it funny. When I'm in the zone I think of myself as a cross between Nora Ephron meets Erma Bombeck.

    2)I'm starting my second YA realistic fiction novel so I can have two unpublished books.

    3) I have a lovely critique group which, as you know, you're always welcome to join.

    4) Some day I'll move from WordPress and figure out how to do all the funky stuff you do on your blog.

    Okay, I'm off to visit the new blogs!

  12. What a great idea, Theresa!

    1) My blog is called Read. Write. Repeat. I talk mostly about reading and writing, but also about my love for Jane Austen, Harry Potter, and Glee (quite a lot lately).

    2) I am working on rewriting a contemporary YA novel right now, but I also have ideas for contemporary adult/women's fiction.

    3)I'm always looking for CP's! I'd love to swap stories with someone!

    4) Yes! I'm going to tweet about it right now!

    Thanks again! I'm looking forward to haunting all your blogs :)

  13. Theresa, Thanks for coming by my blog and telling me about this or talking me into it LOL. I just tweeted about it. I was just thinking the other day how much I appreciate all the people I met through my Blog BBQ, and then you come up with another big party to meet lots of fab new blogs! I just can't resist!

    Sorry for the long comment, now about my blog-- It's Coming Down the Mountain: From Reclusive Writer to Published Author. I'm a writer and editor & I blog about writing, editing and publishing.

  14. For those of you who are visiting for the first time, my blog is called "Substitute Teacher's Saga".

    While I do write about subbing, I also write about life in general, with an emphasis on writing. It's my goal to get published. These days, I write YA Paranormal though I've written middle grade and picture books too.

    I could use a critique partner or two. Right now I'm in the middle of a WIP and have a previous one that may need some tightening.

  15. Awesome idea! I'm glad you stopped by my blog to tell me about it!

    1. My blog, Mara Writes, is all about writing - the craft, the journey, etc.

    2. I write all kinds of stuff, but current projects include adult paranormal romance and sci-fi (I'm amazed by how rampant YA is these days).

    3. I don't actually need CPs now, but it's always good to know folks who are willing because when you need them, you reaaaaally need them!

    4. I'll add this to my sidebar along with other blogfests/contests.


  16. I'm so in!

    1. Where Fantasy and Love Take Flight - I blog mostly about my writing journey, my acceptances, my failings. I also blog about myself and my family.

    2. I write fantasy/paranormal, romance, historical (medieval), horror, YA.

    3. Always open for a critique partner.

    4. Posted the picture on my blog sidebar!

  17. 1. I blog about writing, ice skating, and things I find amusing.

    2. I currently write YA Fantasy

    3. Always open to a critique partner

    4. I'd like to read TANTALIZED because it seems tantalizing.

  18. Hi I stopped by cos Karen said to
    1. I blog about writing and stuff that happens to writers pre publication
    2. I write contemporary romance
    3. wont mind finding a CP that is the right fit
    4. i would like tantalized too

  19. Thanks for seding me here, Theresa!

    1. I blog about writing and stuff that happens while I'm trying to write.
    2. I write YA and short fiction.
    3. Every Wednesday night, I join four awesome Ashland writers, so I'm not really looking for a critique group.

  20. My blog is about me, writing discovery, art, and other stuff I think people might be interested in. I write fantasy and I love a crit partner someday – if I ever get brave enough. LOL I’m off to haunt.

  21. Hi, Theresa! This is a great idea. :-)

    1. My blog is primarily a source of "writing journey" information, with a dash of awesome book love.

    2. I write chapter books and picture books.

    3. I have two awesome CP's, but another set of eyes is always welcome.

    4. I will sidebar link it and FB it. :-)

  22. Okay, I'm game...

    1. My blog is about my experiences as a substitute teacher, although I do deviate from that from time to time.

    2. I write fantasy/sci fi. It's more fantasy than sci fi, but it depends on the story.

    3. I could definitely use a critique partner.

    4. Haven't. I'll have to look into doing that sometime... (I've been busy this week, but that's a good thing.)

  23. hi miss theresa! wow this sounds like lots of fun for sure! being a haunter is soooo cool!

    heres who you could haunt if you want to

    hi! im lenny lee

    1. you could haunt me at i post stuff about being a better writer and lot of other stuff thats kinda cool that maybe you didnt know. im a big hugger so if you dont like hugs you could tell me and i wont give you one.

    2) i write kids and mg adventure stories that mostly have a good message for life

    3) i got a really neat critique partner and thats miss sharon. she does random thoughts at im doing critique on a kids book right now for miss yaya cause she asked me and that was so nice for her to do

    4) i didnt get halloween haunting on my blog yet but im gonna before today gets over or for sure tomorrow

    those books look pretty old for me except maybe that travel team one. im gonna go look at it and see what its about

    …happy Halloween hugs from lenny

  24. Hi Theresa,
    I write about substitute teaching also on one of my blogs. On the other, Camping with Kids, I write about my experiences camping with the family. I try to offer advice and tips on both blogs with links to helpful sites regarding each blog topic.

    I write poetry, memoir, and mystery and would LOVE critique partners, even for portions of the manuscripts. The poetry is short at this point, mostly about family and motherhood.

    Between mothering 5 children [Still], substituting, and trying to write updates to my blogs, I usually don't have much time to "haunt," but I do follow a few blogs and a few that you have suggested. Thank you again for reading my blog and leaving comments.

  25. Hi Theresa,
    My first blog is called, The Honorable Mention. I write about childhood experiences/life lessons, tales form the classroom as well as great activities. My blog got so much attention from small businesses in facebook that now I write blogs for their businesses.

    I love writing so much now I want to go back to school to do it. It seems like it is webcontent, blogs, and the social networking aspects. I tend to write with humor and after interviewing the person I am working for they tell me I can capture their personality and life experiences.

    My cretique partners are my clientel. But I love sharing ideas and learning form others. Theresa's blog is the only blog I have joined regarding writing. I love her style and think she's awesome!

    I'll post The Halloween Haunting, What a great idea! And I get to learn about other bloggers, too!

  26. What a wonderful idea Theresa...seems I am telling you a lot today!

    Right then, my blog is called
    Inkpots n' Quills and I write about whatever happens to take my fancy.

    I write general fiction and sometimes memoir. My sister thinks I should write children’s fiction.

    I would love critique partners.
    And yes I will be advertising your contest on my blog, on facebook and twitter.

    I will also haunt a few blogs later this evening.

  27. Hi Theresa! This is such a great idea!

    My blog is called Talli Roland (original, I know). I write rom coms! I will try my best to remember to advertise your contest but the way my brain is right now... please give my a kick in the butt if I forget!

  28. Cool idea! (Or should I say "haunting idea"? Tee hee. Couldn't resist.)

    1. My blog is about teaching, writing, and life in Chicago. It also illustrates how obsessive and neurotic I am, but hopefully in a way that doesn't freak people out.

    2. I write chick lit and memoir.

    3. I'm not looking for a critique partner right now.

    4. I advertised your Halloween Haunting on my blog post for today.

    If I do win, I'd like the Tantalized book!

  29. You rock, my friend! This is such a good idea. :o)

    Here are my answers:
    1) My blog is random, but mostly writing schtuff with a dash of humor and a dash of inspiration and a whole lot of whatever I feel like posting at the moment.
    2) I love to write kids books, especially MG and YA, because I think that's about my maturity.
    3) I'm always open to helping someone out. But if the person is wanting to swap, they might have to wait a little while for me! lol
    4) I'm headed to do that right now!

  30. Theresa,
    What a great idea. I have never done anything like this before to promote my blog. So, why not?
    My blog is called Love To Teach.
    I do write about teaching, love, life and whatever comes to mind.
    I am an apiring children's author and would love to get a children's book published. Would love to have a critique.

  31. Hi,

    1. My blog, Spinning Threads, is an assortment of me: I write about life in general, what I want from life, my substitute teaching experiences, thoughts on writing. Sometimes I post favorite just discovered poems, excerpts from books, things that inspire me and might inspire you too, as well as some of my own poetry. I am a relatively new blogger. This is my third month, going on fourth, so I am still getting into the funk (or flow) of blogging.

    2. I love reading YA books, fantasy or otherwise. I have an idea for a fantasy novel, but the book I will be working on for NaNoWriMo won’t be fantasy even though it could have gone that way. I felt that the story wouldn’t have done what I wanted it to if I had let it go the fantasy route.

    3. I’m not looking for a critique partner at the moment, but in the months to come that could become a possibility for me to consider.

    4. Yes, I posted about Halloween Haunting today. :)

  32. Hi there, what a fun idea!

    1)My blog is littered with literature quotes and fairies. I blog about everything life, writing, NaNo- actually starting Nov 1 for an entire month all I will be posting twice a week is prompts and writing exercises for NaNo.

    2)I am a writer and I write romance, fantasy, poetry, I participate in a lot of blogfests to encourage my writing and those range in a wide variety of genres.
    I also try to post helpful writing ideas and I encourage new authors and blogs.

    3) I'm not currently looking for a crit partner, but it might happen in the future If I make it through NaNo

    4)Sorry I didn't advertise about this.

  33. Haunting here via The Golden Eagle.

    My blog is just me. I simply go with my heart and try to keep you guessing.

    I'm working on short stories at present and I'm always looking for honest opinions.

    Sorry I did not advertise, I just found out. But it is a wonderful idea. :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  34. Hi Theresa, thanks for stopping by my blog and reminding me!

    My blog is MsElenaeousRants but it's not really just rants in the negative sense but more "rants and raves." Places, people, lots of photos, this and that, and lately some spooky stuff in time for Halloween.

    I was a columnist for the local paper for a couple of I'm working on Book #1 which was originally a "memoir" but due to legalities it is now "fiction based on a true story." I pretty much only read non-fiction and memoirs so this is virgin territory for me.

    I've never had a critique partner but now that I'm finishing up my third revision I'm thinking it's time to find one.

    I've haven't advertised your Haunting yet, but will!

  35. Happy Halloween! I've linked tomorrow's Bear posting over here. TANTALIZE would be awesome! :)

  36. This is a fantastic idea Theresa! I love it!

    1. My blog is at I write about writing and books. Sometimes just general thoughts and stories about people I meet and things I see.

    2. Ok, seriously, after reading all of these comments, where are the adult fiction writers?! I write women's fiction! Where are all of you hiding!? ;-)

    3. I am looking for critique partners who write women's fiction or contemporary YA

    4. I will definitely post this on my blog tomorrow and tweet it!

  37. Awesome blogfest. Thanks for reminding me to stop by. :)

    1)My blog is about writing, books, sometimes me. :)

    2)I write YA.

    3) I'm not looking for a crit partner at the moment.

    4)Yep, I've added a link with the awesome picture in my sidebar!

    Oh, and the books all look gorgeous, but TANTALIZE would be my pick. :)

  38. This is fun, how clever are YOU!

    1. My blog began as an exercise in discipline by way of journaling pretty much anything. It's my interpretation of the world around me and my journey through it...?

    2. Genre....for NaNo, it's mystery/thriller? And my other wip, it's action/adventure/fantasy?

    3. Not looking-yet. Got to get finished with something first!

    4. Getting to it right after posting this and before I haunt some fellow commenters!

  39. Okay, I added a link and pic to my sidebar and am doing a post that will come up at 11pm.

  40. Hi Theresa!
    This blogfest is a nice idea. It's the first one I've participated in so far.
    I just advertised Halloween Haunting on my sidebar and wrote a post about it. Green Angel looks really interesting...

  41. Super idea! Thanks for letting me know to stop by and read about it.

    1) I co-blog with another aspiring author. We blog about our experiences, struggles, inspirations, (etc) all things writing. We are both teachers and moms.

    2) I write YA (one completed fantasy/romance in need of a rewrite and one WIP contemporary romance) I have ideas for future adult novels, so I'd be open to critiquing those. (my blog partner has a completed YA contemporary romance and her current WIP is MG)

    3) I am part of an online critique group, but it's large-ish and I'm shy, so I've been thinking that I might do better with just one or two people to swap with. So, I'm open!

    4) I'll definitely advertise this, possibly on a side bar, but it'll be on my blog for all to see!

    Thanks! christy

  42. Love your Halloween Haunting, Theresa!

    1. I have 2 blogs. is my personal blog where I talk about my road to publication, and is a group blog I started with 2 other thriller writers where we talk about the genre we love, and anything writing/publishing related.

    2. I write psychological thrillers.

    3. I'm not looking for a crit partner at this time.

    4. I just tweeted about you! :)

  43. I LOVE this idea! I sidebarred you and will try to remember to mention this tomorrow for my FUN Fridays post.

    My blog is called Garden Full of Lily (after my blog). It's 90% of my writing journey and 10% just random fun!

    I write YA. Have one Fantasy written, a second in the outline phase and am set to pants a dystopian for NaNoWriMo!

    Not currently looking for crit partners but will be by the end of the year.

    Thanks Theresa!!

  44. Hi Theresa,

    I'm Michael. You friended me at Facebook. I am the quintessential renaissance man. I write, draw, paint, illustrate, and interior design.

    My blog ... In time ... is @ writing-art-and-design.

    I have an interior design tip of the week as well as Design Dilemma where I help fellow author's with a design problem. I feel that to write well we must be inspired by our surroundings. I am new to the blog world so In time I would like to write about art, music and design as well as writing.

    I personally write Y/A realistic fantasy, M/G and some adult.

    I also advertise other's blog events and would be happy to advertise yours. You are giving away wonderful prizes.

    This is a great idea!
    Thanks for letting me know.

  45. I don't know what happened Theresa, but I came up anonymous so please look at the one comment before.

    Thanks Michael Di Gesu

  46. What a great idea! My blog is Still Writing at
    I write about writing, getting published, and go into agonizing details about the origins of words : )

    I write anything that comes to mind. Usually it's YA with a fantasy bent, but I dabble into adult genre mysteries and thrillers.

    And yes, I am looking for a critique partner. I'd love to hear from anyone interested.

    As for the books, I'd love Green Angel by Alice Hoffman. I tweeted about your great giveaway (!/jefishere/status/29046739620). Thanks!

  47. If you need a short break from writing, then visit for a chuckle :)

  48. Reposting comment from last post (I still consider myself the first haunter ;) )

    52 Faces started off as a spiritual exploration and turned into a general life blog where I post about NaNoWriMo, dogs (I'm obsessed with pit bulls and rescues), and the occasional life event like concerts and car crashes. I love me my alliteration.

    I write YA Fantasy (with some foray into contemporary or adult) and I'm ALWAYS looking for high-level critique partners. I used to a playwright (produced on both coasts) and a film/television actor, and I've edited essays professionally for 7 years. My first NaNo novel was an ABNA semi-finalist.

  49. Love this idea Theresa!

    My blog is called Random Daily Thoughts and can be found at:

    I write young adult and am not currently in the market for a critique partner, but I swear their crucial to have! ;-)

    Time for me to haunt some new friends!

    Happy Halloween!

  50. My main blog is here: W.I.P. It: A Writer's Journey
    I have writing tips as well as social media tips.

    I write fantasy, science fiction, and Young Adult (my NaNo project will be a kind of fantasy steampunk YA novel).

    Not looking for a new critique partner until next year.

    I've tweeted about this great giveaway.

  51. This is such a wonderful idea!

    1. My current blog is still very new-ish, but I do hope it will become more comfy and friendly soon. I tend to post about writing, book reviews, and miscellaneous things that strike my fancy. :)

    2) I'm so addicted to YA, it's quite sad. My NaNoWriMo project is a YA science fiction, but I am also partial to fantasy and dystopian YA.

    3) I don't have anything to swap at the moment, but am always looking for like-minded CPs! I'd love to become friends/critique for you for a while as I get my WiP in order for swapping.

    4) Yes -- I've advertised it on Twitter, and would love to win Green Angel. :)

  52. Theresa, I like this idea so much I'm going to comment for my quiet blog. It is From the Shadows to the Page, and is about writing from life. Mostly my life lol, but I also post about memoir, personal and family history writing. Anyone who visits, follows and comments there I will always follow back, either with that URL or my other one.

  53. Smart thinking, Theresa!

    My blog is Dreams of Quill and Ink ( and it's basically the inane ramblings of a writer. I write fantasy and steampunk and love them both!

    I'm sorry I haven't advertised the Haunt (though it's brilliant) because I just haven't been home today but I'll see what I can't scare up.

    I'm off to haunt!

  54. Happy Halloween!

    1) My blog is about "books, writing, chocolate, cats, and anything that takes my fancy", although not so much about chocolate now that I'm trying to lose weight! Oh, and the posts are mostly on the short side, so there's not too much to wade through!

    2) I'm about to start a sci fi story for NaNoWriMo. During the year I mostly write very short and flash fiction

    3) I can't offer reliable critiquing because I have CFS and I get bad days and weeks. It would be nice to find other people with similar interests, though.

    4) I've blogged about it here.

  55. Boo! Hello Theresa! Popping up in my finest ghost linen humming the tune from Ghostbusters.

    My blog is A Novice Novelist and I blog about writing, with a fair amount of whatsit, whimsy and wonder thrown in the mix. I love the idea of a critique partner but have no time so wouldn't put myself forward as of yet. Did I advertise the Halloween Haunting - yes I did! Tweeted and on the blog. Would love to win any book you would care to send to London! As for haunting other blogs - always very happy to find new blogs to follow! Welcome friends! :)

  56. Hi Theresa, I am exploring several genres, I tend to write general fiction, chick lit, but my outside the box entry was historical and I have also tried suspense which was fun and I want to try YA. I had a go at romance years ago too. I've had some rather bad CP's in the past, I appreciate honesty, that isn't cruel.I have halloween haikus on my blog.:O)

  57. Hi, Theresa. What a great contest you have here! Thanks for doing this.

    My blog is called A Woman's Write- I try to keep my posts entertaining for the most part but sometimes there's a meaningful undercurrent running throughout. Except today. I think I'm going to talk about Halloween candy today.

    I have written two complete women's fiction novels, a small newspaper column, and several stage productions for a local theater. After querying a ton of agents without success, I would love a critique partner.

    I will announce the Happy Haunting event on my blog right now. Have an awesome weekend everybody!

  58. fun idea! K,

    1. I have a personal blog and am a co-writer for the Operation Awesome blog - both deal with writing, helping writers, writing-related/industry stuff - and my personal blog has stuff about NF as well because

    2. I write non-fiction and YA historicals...and the occasional picture book :D

    3. I have two crit groups and various other crit buddies who are all just incredible

    4. I will mention this on my post today (which I haven't written yet, eek!)

    Tantalize would be my choice :D

  59. What a novel idea, Theresa. You've made an enormous party line of your blog.

    My blog has bits of my writing and small lessons on how to write better from my days as a teacher of creative writing.

    I write urban fantasy, YA fantasy, and historical fantasy -- with the odd assortment of all genre of short stories.

    Theresa, I wish you all treats and no tricks on this Halloween. Roland

  60. Hi Theresa- what a fun idea!

    1. My blog is supposed to be about my writing and life as an author and magazine editor, and things like my new book coming out next week (PERFECT STRANGERS, from Moongypsy Press)... but my most popular posts are the ones about my new Saint Bernard Puppy! I'm pretty sure that's just because she's so darn cute, even when she's chewing up books or getting s'mores stuck to her furry bottom...

    2. I write romantic suspense and upper middle grade. I have one ebook published - UNFOLDING THE SHADOWS - and one on the way next week that will be both an ebook and paperback - PERFECT STRANGERS. More info can be found on my blog or on my website at

    3. I don't have a current critique partner and am thinking I should probably find one for my middle grade novel. Anyone interested in mermaids? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

    4. I plan to advertise the Halloween Haunting on my blog and on my Facebook page - because it's a cool idea!

    P.S.- I would love to win Tantalized, but any of the books would be great!

  61. I blog M/W/F at Under the Tiki Hut. And I write mystery, suspense, and romance.

    Halloween Haunting is a great idea.

  62. Hi Theresa, thanks for hosting a contest.

    My blog, Northwriter, is about writing, life in Alaska, and all things wild.

    I write YA and MG.
    Travel Team would be my choice.

  63. *puts on ghost costume*

    *makes scary sounds*


    My blog is eclectic, kind of like me.

    I write contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and paranormal romance. My latest project is young adult.

    I’m not actively looking for a crit partner, but I’m open to having one.

  64. Theresa,


    I just want to tell you how this haunting is the most fun I've EVER had in cyberspace!

    Thanks for doing it!

    (I'd love GREEN ANGEL).

    Happy Halloween!

  65. What a great idea!

    1. I blog at, where I write about writing, reading, work and life in general.

    2. I write in the following genres: urban fantasy, mystery, suspense. For both children and adults!

    3. I'm not looking for a critique partner. Yet. Soon, I hope!

    4. I'm off to tweet about the Halloween Haunting!

  66. Oooh, haunting.

    1. I'm Elana Johnson. I blog at I am not smart enough to make a smart link in a blog post.

    2. I write YA, all genres, but mostly speculative stuff.

    3. I'm not really looking for crit partners, but I'm always looking for friends to take over the world with.

    4. I didn't advertise. :( I can tweet it! When I get home, that is.

  67. Hope the haunting's going well! I've been wrapped up with my tour, so didn't get to participate. But I've seen it all over the blog world this week.

  68. Very cool idea. :) It's always fun to meet new bloggers.

    1. I'm Janet Johnson and blog at

    2. I am currently working on a contemporary MG, but YA/MG fairy tales are my love.

    3. I'm not looking for crit partners right now, but I love meeting new people!

    4. I'm off to go haunt some blogs, and I've sidebarred the Haunt.


  69. Theresa,

    This "haunting" thing really works. Thanks so much. I've just visited three other blogs that have discovered me through your "haunting" idea.

    I learn so much from other writing blogs. Thanks again, Theresa. I hope someone will wish to be critique buddies, even if in the rough.

    I write poetry, memoir, and mystery. I've written a few short stories for young children and teens.

    My blogs are about Substitute Teaching and Camping with Kids.

    Thanks again Theresa.

  70. It was KarenG~ :D

    1-My blog is about my experiences as a professional writer, aspiring novelist and mom living on the Gulf Coast. :o)

    2-Genre = YA fiction

    3-sort of... I have crit partners, but I'm sure one can never have too many, yes? ;p

    4-sadly no... :o\ I'm sorry! I just found you thanks to Karen!

    looking forward to keeping up~ <3

  71. What a fantastic idea! Thanks for hosting this Theresa!

    1. My blog is called J.C. Martin, Fighter Writer. As the name suggests, it is mainly a site about my life as a writer and sometimes as a martial arts instructor. I post just about anything and everything really, but have a few regular features, like Monday Muse, Random List of 7 on Wednesdays, and Friday Follower.

    2) My current WIP is a crime suspense, my NaNo one will be crime and psychological thriller (that's the best way to describe it without giving anything away!), but I have ideas for novels on YA Paranormal and Fantasy in the works too.

    3) I don't know!? My WIP is 20-25% complete. Is it too early to have a critique partner? OR can I have a CP to critique chapter by chapter? I'd like to have someone who can cast a critical eye on my work, but not sure if it's too early for a CP.

    4) Have blogged it in my Blogfests section, and will be Tweeting and Facebooking too! :)

  72. Oh my! Cool idea. Love, love, love it! :)

    Mu blog is about writing for kids. I tackle everything from contests (like this one) to everything about writing.

    I write picture books and MG novels. Adventure and mystery. :)

    My crit partner is preparing to head out on her debut book tour, but I am not looking for a crit partner.

    I am advertising on twitter, facebook and my blog.

    The book I'd like to win is Tantalize.

    Do you need links? Here they are:

    Putting Pen To Paper



  73. 1) "Claire's Writing Log" is my blog for writing about writing and my works in progress. I try to post things I think would be of use to other writers and are fun to post about. I also like to do "muse prompting" type posts with a picture and some thoughts to spark the muse.

    2) I'm still working on first drafts and exploring what areas work for me. That being said, I've written mainstream, fantasy, and science fiction. My one mainstream novel has romantic overtones, though I wouldn't classify it in the romance genre.

    3) I'm not currently looking for critique partner(s) mostly because I don't have anything revised already.

    4) I haven't advertised yet, but I probably will later today.

  74. Love this idea, Theresa.

    1) My blog is a A Writer's Blog, and it's essentially a blog by a fledgling writer geared toward other fledgling writers. I discuss anything I think may be of interest, from PSAs to process.

    2) I write mystery, suspense and psychological thrillers for adults and soon YA.

    3) Not right now. I'm between CPs. I have one ms I'm that's too far along for critiquing, and one that's not ready!

    4) I mentioned it in my Friday post and posted it in my sidebar. Next stop: Twitter.

  75. What a great idea!
    Let's see...
    1) My blog is mostly focused on writerly stuff; advice and links and giveaways and updates on my novels...

    2) I write MG, YA and Romance

    3) Oh, I might be open to crit partners, yeah! I hope to finish the first draft of my latest, a romance, by the end of NaNo!

    4) I advertised Halloween Haunting on my blog; the post'll appear tomorrow!

  76. I love meeting new friends:)

    1. I blog about being a frazzled mommy/writer/rockstar with a bad addiction to a dingy robe and tube socks.

    2. I write YA.

    3. I don't currently need a crit partner, but I may soon...

    4. I did not see this until now! I will Tweet!

  77. This is a brilliant idea! I love it :)

    1 - my blog is about writing - from an aspiring writer's perspective.

    2 - I'm currently working on a YA steampunk mystery, but also enjoy writing romantic mysteries and have a few sci-fi & fantasty ideas running around in my head

    3 - I've got super crit buddies already!

    4 - I tweeted for you! This is a great idea, Theresa :)

  78. Hi Theresa -

    I try to keep my blog about writing, but occasionally I'll post personal info.

    The book, Distorted, is a Suspense laced with romance.

    The middle grade I'm writing for NaNo is a fantasy, but it'll have some mild romance. In case you can't tell, I'm a girl who loves romance.

    I have a crit group, but, if the right person or two came along I might enjoy a second group.

    I tweeted and FB'd
    twitter: RaShelleWorkman
    FB RaShelle Workman
    I'll be sure to haunt a few others. Fun contest.

  79. What fun to read about all the blogs and books.
    My blog, It's Not All Gravy, is patterned after the personal column I used to write. It is not focused on one thing in particular, so sometimes I have book reviews, humor, excerpts from work in progress, or guest blogs about books and writing.

    I write suspense and mystery primarily, although I do have one romance novel and one YA novel.

    I have a really good critique partner and know the value of having a group or individual to give feedback on work in progress.

  80. I swear I posted here and was like the fifth poster yesterday, but my comment isn't here anymore. Wah.

    Anyway, my blog The Word Is My Oyster is about the craft of writing, and I also give medical advice for fictional characters and situations (poisonings! diseases! bezoars! oh my.)

    I write YA and I've dabbled in historical, urban fantasy, and sci-fi.

    Don't need any crit partners right now, thanks!

    I put you on my sidebar too.

  81. 1) - Reading, writing, and random.

    2) Young Adult

    3) No, but I may in the future.

    4) I tweeted it!/sharifwrites/status/29159937666

    I'm interested in Green Angel.

    Thanks for having this contest.

  82. I'm somewhat late to the party but here goes!

    My blog is Spellmaking. It's about writing - generally my own but inevitably with excursions off into related areas.

    I mostly write speculative fiction : fantasy and SF. But also "mainstream" and poetry and whatever else appeals. Not sure I like categories!

    Not in need of a critiquing partner just now ...

    Yes! I'm advertising it on Twitter.

  83. I'm late for the party too! Great idea.
    1) My blog is about writing, reading and a little bit about life in general
    2) I write stories, have begun a novel that would be classed as general fiction
    3) Too soon for me to be looking for a critiquing partner but am happy to critique for someone else.
    4) I've advertised this on my sidebar. Might pop it on FB later today.
    Thanks and good wishes.

  84. Theresa, this is an amazing idea! Thank you for doing this!

    1) My blog, Stories In The Ordinary, was originally about finding story ideas in every day life, but has now branched out to anything having to do with writing.

    2) I mostly write novels. My current genre of choice is middle grade, but I've also written romance and commercial fiction.

    3) Not at the moment, but I would love to connect with other MG authors to talk about the genre, which could result in exchanging manuscripts.

    4) I haven't, but if I find the time to post either today or tomorrow, I will mention it.

    Now, to haunt a bunch of blogs!

  85. 1)I have a couple of movie blogs where I've mainly been posting about the films of Meg Ryan and Michelle Pfeiffer.
    2)I'm not a writer as such, in fact I'm fairly new to blogging but who knows where it might lead.
    3) Not at the moment.
    4) I'm going to advertise your Haunting on Facebook.

  86. I blog about my family, about life, and about my debut novel to be published in early 2011.

    I love meeting new bloggers.

    I've posted your Halloween Haunting on my blog and will haunt three other blogs.

    I'm partial to YA. Would love to read Travel Team.

    This is so lovely of you to do this for your followers. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  87. Hi Theresa,

    I lOVE this idea. =) Sorry I didn't make it over here sooner; I've been sick the past few days.

    1. About my blog:
    I can be found at
    I post recipes, about writing, and other random tidbits.

    2. I am a writer. I write YA.

    3. I am not looking for any more critique partners at this time.

    4. I have not advertised this yet, but I will. Also, please don't enter me in the contest. I already have a stack of books to be read - it wouldn't be fair!

  88. Hi, Theresa! Love your idea and I'm ready to start haunting!

    1. My blog is called Reading, Writing, Romance ( I post three times a week. On Mondays I provide a writing tip, Wednesday's feature is a discussion (about a book, movie, writing craft issue, etc.), and Friday's post is a recipe (for the foodie in me).

    2. I write historical romance. One of my books takes place in the 1850's and works its way to the 1990's. The other starts in the 1930's and ends in the sixties.

    3. I'm not looking for critique partners. I belong to awesome group that meets on Saturdays.

    4. I've advertised Halloween Haunting on Facebook and Twitter. Now I'm off to haunt!

  89. I advertised Halloween Haunting on Facebook and Twitter.

    I am a Fantasy writer currently dabbling in YA. My blog, Writing Worlds, is where I chronicle projects, discuss how my anthropology degree has influenced my world building, thoughts on the influences of technology on our changing culture (and how that is altering our writing and careers as writers :P) as well as my experiences founding a writing community in Sacramento, CA.

    I participate in a critique group that meets once monthly. I have other readers (outside the crit. group) to look over super rough drafts :P

    My community-- Sylvanoplis Writers' Society-- is about to undergo a bit of a reorganization. Currently we have 4 member groups. We have an online group that hasn't quite gotten on it's feet yet, so we're looking for participants, if anyone is interested! When I have enough members, I will be more than happy to moderate the group. Its structure will be determined by the needs of the participants.

    You can check out our website--but it *does* need some updating :( Our anthology was delayed... (Purpose: using short stories to learn publishing ropes, and create literary events in a community that needs it). Our 2nd publication is still *quite* a learning experience1 But, then, that's what it's all about! (And if InDesign is easy for you, count yourself lucky :)

    This is us:

    Our group is in the process of filing for non-profit status; I'm wading through bylaw writing at the moment. I'm hoping to have lots of services available starting next year--both Virtual and Real Life, to meet all needs. So if you're interested in what we're doing, let me know and/or Like our Facebook fan page. I'm open to suggestions, too! So if you want to participate, and there's something you'd like to see us do, let me know.

    I would <3 a copy of "Tantalized!" Thanks!


  90. 1) Blog:
    *writing, culture/world-building, technology/culture.

    2) I write Fantasy, currently dabbling in YA.

    3) I am not looking for crit partners, but I am part of a larger writing society that IS. Online group will be accepting members Dec/Jan for anyone interested.

    4) I advertised this on Facebook and Twitter :D I will do a post about my writing group later for anyone who might be looking for partners :)

  91. Cool idea, Theresa. Let's see--

    1) My blog is Notes from the Writing Chair

    2) I write science fiction and fantasy for adults.

    3) I'm not really looking for critique partners right now.

    4) I haven't advertised it. I've been kind of flaky online lately.

    Thanks, Theresa!

  92. What a great idea, Teresa, thanks for hosting.

    1.) My blog, The Block, is mainly a collection of stories about growing up on a farm in South Louisiana. They may come across as Polyanna stories, but, and many of the stories are just that...there's going to be a twist that ends with, "Huh, say what?"

    2.) I've had offers to do more with these stories but have refused because I don't want to be influenced by "outside voices".

    3.) I do have an unrelated series that I'm editing (that was part of my blog) and, yes, I would like a Beta reader. From Day One my goal has been legacy (have nieces who aren't interested in their family legacy) and intend to self-publish. But would like to self-publish something of quality. Help welcome!

    4.) Posted today before I knew about Halloween Haunting. Hmmm, maybe I can add something to the sidebar.

    5.) Happy Halloween. BOO!

  93. How fun! I'm stopping back over in the next few days to read through all these wonderful comments and hopefully meet some new writer friends! Thanks, Theresa!!

    I'm a literary fiction writer and I welcome all to visit my blog, One Significant Moment at a Time. See you there!

    Happy Halloween!

  94. Hi !!

    Great idea ... will be coming back over the next few days to read some (or hopefully all) of the comments.

    1) My blog is mainly about the books I've read and have talked about during my radio show, but also about my own book which was published last year - hopefully I can add details of my second book soon.

    2) I'm a romance writer.

    3) I'm not looking for critique partner/s as such, but it would be nice for others to stop by and leave a comment if by any chance they have read the same books.

    4) I'll be advertising the Halloween Haunting facebook or Twitter .... or both :-)

    Thanks - I look forward to making new friends.


  95. I loved that Dickinson poem! It sounded really nice when I read it aloud.
    And I'm not sure how to do this haunting thing for sure but here goes...
    1) My blog is kind of random but mainly about books and writing but sometimes it's about crazy thoughts that randomly attack my mind throughout the day.
    2.) I write contemporary YA novels
    3.)I'm not looking for a crit partner right now. But maybe after NaNo?
    4.) I'm advertising on Twitter

  96. Hi Theresa,

    I'm a bit late! Halloween is nearly over here.

    1. My blog is mainly about the antics of my farm animals and what I'm doing on my Writing Stories for Children course.

    2. I write fantasy short stories for kids.

    3. I'm not looking for a crit partner at the moment.

    4. I will put your haunting on my sidebar. :o) will go and haunt a few now.

  97. Hi, Theresa!

    You have an interesting blog, and I'll be sure to look at future postings.

    My blog is A Far Out Fantastic Site, and it contains content anywhere from about writing fiction to fiction book and movie reviews. The emphasis is science fiction and horror since those are the genres that I write my fiction within.

    I'm not looking for a critique partner at this time. I'm already a part of a critique group from the Sylvanopolis Writers' Network based in Sacramento and it rocks! We'll be releasing our second volume short fiction anthology, Leafkin, soon. Please check out our facebook fan page if you haven't done so yet.

    I did advertise the Halloween Haunting on my blog. I'm not familiar with any of the books you list as prizes, but they all look interesting. Although they say don't judge a book by its cover, I'm just going to select one based on it's cover art since I am an artist as well and plan to do my own cover art when I publish. So if I were to win then I would pick Green Angel.

    Thanks! And now I'm hussling out to do some haunting of some blogs!

  98. This is a great idea! How is it possible that I didn't find this until today?

    1) I blog at Musings of a Restless Mind about acting (sometimes), writing (mostly), and reading (occasionally). I have contests once in a while, we talk about our favorite things on Fridays, and I occasionally make reference to life as a 21st Century Caveperson. Stop by!

    2) I write Picture Books, poetry, Chapter Books, and YA Paranormal (in other words, whatever strikes my fancy).

    3) I am looking for a PB crit group.

    4) It's the last day, so I'm a bit late to the game, but I'll be sure to advertise your next thing. You've got a follower in me.

  99. What fun! I knew there was a reason Halloween's my favorite holiday.

    1) The Writer's Funhouse is a place for writers of all genres to connect and enjoy the writing life in all its twists, turns, and weirdness.

    2) I don't have a specific genre I write though I do tend toward romance/women's fiction and mainstream fiction.

    3) I'm not currently looking for CPs. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't appreciate your interest.

    4) I managed to do a quick post this morning so I could participate. If I were to win a prize -- which is a very rare occurrence for me -- I think that "Green Angel" book looks interesting. But I'm not picky. :o)

  100. What a cool idea!

    1) My blog is mostly about my writing -- or lack thereof. It's pretty much random thoughts as I stumble through the writing life -- with a few sporadic weekly specials.

    2) I write women's fiction/romance/chick lit and I love every minute of it.

    3) I wouldn't mind a critique partner or two, though I've got one who's pretty awesome already. The more the merrier!

    4) I just found out about The Halloween Haunting literally five minutes ago, so I haven't advertised. Sorry!

  101. *stares in awe at the number of comments, then in envy* ;-)

    1. I have two blogs. is a general blog about writing. I post everything from my thoughts on pov and tense to the occasional interview or industry spotlight. I keep my personal writing to a minimum on there because that's what my other blog is for. is for my writing and not much else. I do blogfests, character introductions and inspirational pictures on that one. I'm even using blogfests to write a novel, one scene at a time.

    2. Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance/Erotica, Mystery, YA, New Adult(for those counting the new one as a genre), and in general glbtq(gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning and other) fiction.

    3. I am looking for beta readers. I've had a couple of people make offers, some for specific novels, but don't remember them all. I have a YA mutant novel almost ready and next an adult mutant novel.

    4. No, but wanted to comment on this post anyways.

  102. Hi Theresa, what a nice idea. I'll advertise on my blog.

    1. My blog is all about life, travels, the books I've read mostly and about my writing. And the difficulties I face trying to become a write!

    2. I would like to meet a CP.

    3. I've posted Halloween Haunting on my blog today!!! Yay!!!

    I'm not picky about winning the book, any one would be great as I've actually never won any!


  103. Hey there!

    1. My blog is about writing and pretty much random stuff that includes literary contests, book info, the occasional zombie cow, and yes, random stuff.

    2. I write mostly YA urban fantasy and romance, but I have been known to dabble in Adult. I like to create irresistible love stories with action and adventure. They kind that makes you wonder if the two little love birds can ever make it together.

    3. I love me some crit partners. Especially coming up soon because I'm getting ready to hit revisions for an editor.

    4. I will go advertise now.

  104. Super idea, Theresa! I've been seeing your hauntings all over the bloggy world this weekend...

    1. My blog is called Random Thoughts. I blog about writing, life management, living in Iowa, and my travels around the US and the World. (and anything else that comes to mind)

    2. I write for children....I have a couple magazine publications so far, but no books...

    3. I belong to a couple critique groups and trade manuscripts with a few bloggy friends (Hugs to Lenny)....But I'm always willing to help out a fellow blogger if I think I can help them. :)

    4. I didn't advertise...Sorry Theresa...Please don't include my name in the drawing for the books...

    Happy Halloween!

  105. Thanks for this post!

    1. My blog is nicknamed "A Can of Corn or Something" (it has nothing to do with corn, though). It's fairly random, some thoughts on what I'm reading or things that have caught my interest.

    2. I write mostly contemporary YA, although I do have a draft or two of "big people" fiction, as my sis-in-law would say. It's also contemporary.

    3. I have a few beta readers, but have been looking for a critique partner/small group.

    4. Sorry, I just now saw this post, so I didn't advertise :(

  106. I'm here! Sorry I'm late!

    My blog is a mix of my weird life and writing adventures.

    I write YA fantasy and the like.

    I have my current work on submission but I'd love to have a solid CP and new BFF. Hit me up people! kanonei (at) gmail (dot) com

    I will share your FB link! Thanks for the contest!

  107. This is a fabulous idea. Thanks for inviting me.

    I have three blogs, haha, so let me tell you guys a little about each. Write Here's Blog is a writing blog written by teen writers who want to get published. We hand out advice and share our stories of success and failure. All writers are welcomed:
    The next is Fictional Writer, my personal blog. I post about writing, mailing agents, writing advice, my books/short stories, and everything else in between. Follow me:
    And lastly the Magicians series blog. This is a blog all focusing on the series I'm trying to get published. Read sneak peeks, watch trailers, read summaries, get into the mind of a writer, go back into the 1500s and more. Be there for the magic:

    And yes, in case you couldn't tell, I am a writer. I love writing fantasy.

    Hope to see you around,

  108. I'm in! But only because I managed to sneak away from my life long enough to write a story. Plus, I miss haunting people's blogs.

    1) My blog is mostly flash fiction. Sometimes I take a break to say something cute or politically driven. I also have a banned book project going on. I read banned books and then post a vlog where I review the book and talk about why it was banned. I typically post every Wednesday, though with school going full force, that will probably be a little spotty for the next few weeks. :)

    2. I usually write in the sci-fi/horror genre. The book that I'm working on is a zombie love story.

    3. I am already in a critique group that I meet with once a week. I'm not completely closed to the idea of additional critique partners though.

    4. I did not advertise because I didn't know if I would be participating. :( Great idea though. Thanks for hosting, Theresa!

  109. You are so kind organizing this-what a great way to get to know other bloggers!

    Thanks for inviting me to join in.

    Best wishes and happy week,

  110. Theresa, this was awesome! I'm sorry I missed it. I'm the 111th comment. Holy cow!