Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blog Comments

Michelle, wondering if I know what I'm talking about.

Michelle Fayard is interviewing ME !

Please stop by to read and COMMENT on "Getting Blog Comments to Work for You".

These interviews about blogging and comments and platform have crystallized how and why I blog so much, that I’ve actually pitched the workshop “Blogging as Platform” for a future conference.

Don't discount the power of the comment!


  1. I'm very interested to see what this is all about!!! Blog commenting is one of my favorite past times but it's always the first to go and it's very upsetting. I wish I had more time!

  2. Just read your post. It was very informative. I must say, I do like blogging for the writing part, but I must admit writing comments back or seeking out fellow bloggers and commenting regularly is my downfall. Now I see how important it is.

  3. Hopping over as instructed!!! Does this make me your favorite student?

  4. Liked the interview very much. :)

  5. I'll be jumping over to read on comment on the interview!

  6. will do! you sure know how to rake in the comments!

  7. On my way to check out your guest post!

  8. @ Jen, I wish I had more time to blog too.

    @ Choices, it depends on what your aim is. You should do what fits in your life and makes you happy.

    @ Bossy Betty, YES, you are my favorite student!

    @ LR, thank you!

    @ Emy, thanks. I appreciate it.

    @ Christine, thanks! Glad you liked it.

    @ Tara, posting less and commenting more is my secret. Gotta give to get, right?

    @ LTM, we like to know we've been read. What better way than comments, right?

    @ Sharon, thank you. Enjoy!

  9. I agree with all of this! And we sorta' cheat since there's two of us doing the work. ;)

  10. Theresa, thank you again for kicking off the guest post series on Bird's-eye View with a topic that's always on our minds. A good commenting rapport can be a writer's best inspiration.

  11. Theresa, thank you so much for your wonderful words! I'm beyond thrilled.

  12. It was a great post! I agree, don't underestimate the comments! :)

  13. Hope your summer is going well. I'm getting ready for a vacation. Can't wait.

  14. I think I should attend your workshop, Theresa :) Off to read the interview now! :)

  15. ok... I'll go check it out. x

  16. Hi, Theresa, I'm new to your site, but discovered it through your wonderful interview with Michelle Fayard. Liked your comments so much. I, too, like blogging so much for the writing community that has opened up.

  17. I wish I had more time to do blog comments. But I have to jealously guard my writing time. Sometimes I feel like blogging sucks the creativity out of me and there's nothing left for writing.

    Thanks for posting Witch Song's countdown! You rock.

  18. Hi Theresa,

    It was a very enlightening post, thanks for sharing!

    For the first time I'm under the spotlight here:

    I would appreciate some company, please?

  19. I read you post this morning Theresa and its awesome. I have a lot of changes coming.

  20. @ Erica and Christy, having two people diving the work is genius. I need a clone.

    @ Michelle, thanks for having me. "A good writing rapport can be a writer's best inspiration." Agreed!

    @ Michael, thanks! Hope you enjoyed it.

    @ Talli, you're welcome. You are one of the few authors who blogs and comments just like you always did. You're still the same ol' you even with all the fame!

    @ Helen, thank you. I appreciate it!

    @ Karen, good way to put it. I'm amazed at how many bloggers never visit other blogs. When they have a book coming out, it's less on my radar because I visit their blogs with less frequency than active commenters.

    @ Jules, thank you. I appreciate the comment you left on Michelle's blog.

    @ Ann, thanks! Good to see you around the blogosphere. I hope you post again soon.

    @ Lynda, thank you! Hope you liked it.

    @ Miranda, we seem to be on the home for a week-visiting family for a week schedule. I love summer. Have a great vacation!

    @ Len, yes, come to the states! If my workshop is accepted, you can definitely attend!

    @ Michelle, I appreciate you visiting!

    @ Elizabeth, thank you so much for visiting my blog. I'm glad you liked my guest interview.

    @ Amber, I stopped blogging as much because it was interfering with my blogging time. I'm gearing up to continue with a new manuscript, so I'll have less blogging time.

    I'm looking forward to reading Witch Song.

    @ Missed Periods, thank you!

    @ Nas, I'll visit you under the spotlight.

    @ Wendy, I appreciate you reading the post. Good luck with your changes.

  21. hi miss theresa! for sure im going over to see what you gotta say. for me i love going at blogs and reading all the neat stuff and i love doing comments. and for sure i like getting them on my blog. i been learning soooo much that helping me be a better writer.
    ...hugs from lenny

  22. Excellent, excellent guest post. You said it right. I left my comment there.

    Tossing It Out

  23. Heading over there now. I love blogging and comments!

  24. Reading a post and commenting is time consuming, but I still enjoy doing it. :D

  25. That was a great interview, Theresa!

    During the first two months of my current blog, my comments were disabled because I was afraid of spam. Then someone tweeted to me that she wanted to leave a comment. Communication ensued and I was wowed. I've been commenting and responding to comments ever since.

  26. Great interview. Thanks for the information.

  27. Power to the people: comment away!
    will go there and check it out asap! :D

  28. Hi Theresa. Some bloggers often point out the great number of people who've viewed their post which doesn't translate to the much fewer comments. Are people shy? Are they afraid of starting a controversy? I don't know. I love comments of all varieties, except the ones that hurt others. Thankfully I haven't had any on my blog, but I've seen some in my blog travels.


  29. @ Lydia, thanks. I hope you liked it!

    @ Lenny, I love getting blog comments too. Just from writing a blog and reading advice on other blogs, I've become a better writer. Thanks for visiting!

    @ Arlee, thank you! I appreciate it.

    @ Deniz, thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

    @ lbdiamond, thank you! Thanks for visiting.

    @ Carol, I love blogging and comments too. It's such a nice community to be a part of.

    @ Stina, it is time consuming. It's easy to suck time away when we could be doing other things. Like everything else, we need to balance our responsibilities.

    @ Medeia, you're another blogger who impresses me. Once you had a book coming out, your blog didn't change. You still make time to leave comments.

    @ Regan, thanks for visiting and following!

    @ Clara, so nice to see you. Thanks for visiting!

    @ L'Aussie, I'm not sure why people don't comment. It's rare that I don't at least write something. I don't mind if people choose not to comment, but then I can't make sure I return the visit.

  30. Comments are very important. The past couple months I've been busy trying to finish a book and have had guest bloggers carry the weight of my blog. I have not been out visiting other blogs much during this time, but fortunately people still keep coming by and leaving comments. Makes me very happy to see comments.

  31. Great words, my friend. And I love the bloggers that always visit and comment. Then like you say, I can visit their blog and say what I need to say. The writing community/blogosphere is so lucky to have you. <3

  32. It was an awesome interview. Such good points.

  33. I'm heading over to Michelle's right now!

  34. And I'm back to say that I already was there! Last week! Boy, I am in such a time warp these days...

  35. @ Stephen, I'm glad people are still visiting your blog and commenting. When I'm busy, I try to post less and keep commenting as much as I can.

    @ Robyn, thanks. You're so supportive. I, and the blogging community, are lucky to have you!

    @ Angela, thank you. I appreciate it.

    @ Katie, I just did that on Karen Gowen's blog yesterday! She referred to a post and I said I have to visit. I clicked the link and realized I had.

  36. Wow! Wonderful!
    Thanks, Theresa! :D

  37. I loved your interview, Theresa. You've pointed out some incredibly useful tips. I wish I could comment more, too and do a lot more blog hopping but life can get in the way and I don't get to do it as often as I'd like :(

  38. What a fantastic interview! I commented over there too, but I'll say it here again - you have such great wisdom to share, and it means a lot coming from a blogger I admire so much. Thanks for sharing!

  39. You know, sometimes it's just hard to keep up! But we wouldn't do it if we didn't enjoy it!

  40. Very cool! clicking over to check it out. :)

  41. @ *^_^* , thanks!

    @ Nutschell, I feel the same way. There isn't enough time!

    @ j. littlejohn, I use comments as a way to get feedback. It's hard to know how people felt about a piece if I just check reader stats.

    @ Shelley, thank you! I admire you too.

    @ Samantha, it is hard to keep up. All we can do is try to make time when we can. We have lives and need time to write too!

    @ Janet, thanks. Hope you enjoyed it.

  42. I SO hope you get the session for blogging at NESCBWI. Count me in!

  43. @ Just A Girl, thanks! You read my comment on Facebook, so that's how you have inside information! I don't think they decide until next year.

  44. I'm still learning from you, but I'm trying to achieve my goals. I certainly enjoy reading all that is posted on your blog.Keep the information coming. I loved it!