Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tiny Dancers and Fascinating Females

“Looking on she sings the songs

The words she knows the tune she hums”

- Taupin, Bernie. Song “Tiny Dancer”, Elton John

I have 2 tiny bits of happy news.

1) My short story “My Moment” is going to be included in a Tiny Dancer anthology published by Literary Mix Tapes.

To make it even more exciting, I’m going to be in good company with authors Jessica Bell and Len Lambert . (Psssst, Len has a book giveaway on her BLOG.)

Tiny Dancer is scheduled to print in October so STAY TUNED!

2) I’ve been trying to participate in writing opportunities as they come up. While I write YA Fantasy, I love writing my blog posts as well. Len Lambert told me about a "Fascinating Females" book project. Basically, I could write a post about what made me fascinating.

This opportunity came up during my lowest point in June.

My response: “Me? Fascinating female? HA!”

But then I thought I could write about me trying to take control of my professional life. Perhaps the dichotomy between the personal and professional could be fascinating. Maybe?

My piece was accepted. YaY!

Are you interested in writing a piece for the project too? Here’s the info:

I'm now inviting anyone who has a fascinating story or article to share, to send it to

You may write it as a mini-biography, a snapshot, or a vignette. You can write about your adventures (or misadventures) in Mensa, Rotary, Toastmasters, the Red Cross, WOVI, ASTD, SHRM, IAC, the military, or any organization/s (or movements) you belong to. You can write about your life as a wife, a mom, a sister, a girlfriend, a daughter, a student, etc., or you can write about a single defining moment in your life, and so on.

Note that fascination, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, so what you may consider as a humdrum, boring life may be fascinating for others.

You will retain full copyright to whatever gets published, and can have your articles published again anywhere.

Articles can be anywhere from 1-4 pages of letter size (8-1/2 x 11), double-spaced, font 12, Times New Roman.

You may write in first person or third person (whichever you prefer). You may opt to use a pseudonym if you wish.

Please email me at if you have any questions or suggestions.

Looking forward to seeing some fascinating articles in my inbox very soon!

Michelle Alba-Lim

Your essay should be around 1k words. I hope you consider submitting a piece.

You can also find Michelle on Facebook.

Love, Theresa xo


  1. Great for you, Theresa! And thanks for the info on the project!

  2. Congrats on your success Theresa--I hope others see opportunity in your second offering.

  3. Rock on! Congrats on the success of 'My Moment'

  4. I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Congratulations xo

  5. Congrats and stuff. I think the fascinating females thing will work for me as I am neither of those things. But it's good to see success.

    Also, I've tagged you or given you an award or something on my blog. Come check it out if you want.

    Building Castles on the Beach

  6. Hi Theresa .. good for you and I'm so pleased "My Moment" is going to be included in Tiny Dancer .. good to know Jessica and Len have been included too ...

    Fascinating Females - sounds very interesting .. and that was accepted too ..

    So pleased - happy days .. Hilary

  7. Congratulations. I can't wait to read it.

  8. Congrats! It's important to get our work out there. :) Hope you are enjoying the summer.

  9. YAY!!!! You're star goes ever upwards and onwards!!! Yay!!! So so so so soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy and thrilled for you!!! Wonderful!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I shall now do a little happy dance for you!! Yay!!!!!

    Take care

  10. This seems like a great project! Awesome!

  11. I am so happy for you,Theresa! That is wonderful! Congrats!

  12. Congrats on the short story acceptance! That's exciting!

    And you are very fascinating. I'm glad your post was accepted.

    More writing credits for you!

  13. Congrats, Teresa! I saw the news on Jessica's blog yesterday. I'm so excited for both of you. :D

  14. Wow!!! Lots of wonderful news! So happy for you, Theresa!!

  15. Yay for your piece being accepted! Always feels good when that happens, huh? :)

  16. @ Emily, thanks. I hope you consider submitting an essay.

    @ Slamdunk, thank you. I hope so too.

    @ The East Coaster, thanks. I will rock on!

    @ Kathleen, thank you.

    @ Brent, while you may not be a female, do not sell yourself short on the fascinating part. Sorry you're not eligible.

    An award or something? Thanks. I'm on my way!

    @ Hilary, I'm excited to. Len will be in Fascinating Females as well. I'm so excited to be in the company of writer-friends like Len and Jessica.

    @ Liz, thanks. I hope you enjoy it.

    @ LR, thanks. It's been nice to have some writing stuff going on. Now I've got to find a job!

    @ Old Kitty, thank you for the happy comment.

    @ Miranda, thank you. The Tiny Dancer is collaborative between all the writers, so the # of e-mails are getting pretty insane!

    @ Choices, thanks. I appreciate it.

    @ Aubrie, thanks for being a wonderful beta reader, as always!

    @ Stina, thank you. I hope all these little things will lead to a big things soon.

    @ Kelly, thanks! I'm excited.

    @ Alleged Author, thanks. Yes, it makes me feel like I'm moving forward.

  17. Big congratulations on both fronts. Well done :-)

  18. Congratulations on getting a story published. Soon you shall be famous and I will have to wait in line for hours to get a five second signature!

  19. Congratulations, Theresa. I can't wait to read your piece!

  20. Congratulations! That's exciting! :)

    Thanks for the info. Have a great weekend!

  21. Hi Theresa! Thanks for the shoutout on Fascinating Females and my book giveaway! I hope Michelle gets more participants :) I'm so excited, so absolutely chuffed about the Tiny Dancers anthology, doubly chuffed to be chosen along with you and Jessica. :) Thank you so much for this post :)

  22. So excited for your great news. That's awesome.

  23. @ Tony, thank you very much!

    @ Michael, if you are on my line for a signed book, I will make sure you are immediately ushered to the front.

    @ Shannon, thanks. I hope you enjoy it.

    @ Karen, thank you. I hope you consider writing a piece.

    @ Len, it's so nice to be in two upcoming anthologies with you. I hope Michelle gets a few worthwhile submissions from this post.

    @ Natalie, thank you. I'm excited too!

    @ The Golden Eagle, thanks!

  24. Theresa, this is awesome news! Look at you racking up the publishing credits! Way to go!

  25. *happy jig for you* and thanks for that info, lady!

  26. That's wonderful about your short story. Look forward to October!

  27. Congrats on the upcoming publication! That's great news!

  28. Congrats, Theresa.

    And you are fascinating!

    Have a great weekend.

  29. Congratulations, Theresa!!! And you ARE fascinating. Look at all you do!

    I hope you get to go see HP soon. And if you dress up for it, post pics on fb!

  30. Congratulations, Theresa! I saw the post about facinating females on Hope Clark's new letter. I didn't even consider entering...Like what could I say? You've made me think about it again for sure.


  31. Congrads, my friend. You deserve all the best things. *proud to know you*

    I'm going to try and do the fascinating females thing. Thinking...:-)

  32. Tiny?? No, that's *great* news, congratulations!!

  33. You go, girl! All our advances add up.

  34. @ Vicki, thank you. It is nice to have a few publishing credits.

    @ Christina thanks for the jig. I hope you consider entering.

    @ Cleemckenzie, thank you. I hope you like it!

    @ Katie, thanks. I'm excited!

    @ Medeia, thanks. I'll try to take the compliment instead of coming up with a quip.

    @ The Words Crafter, thank you. If I dress up, I'll be sure to post pictures. But after this weekend passing, I may be the only adult dressed.

    @ Sharon, I think you should submit something. What counts as fascinating is pretty broad as evidenced from my acceptance. Seriously, I'm sure you have an interesting story to tell.

    @ Robyn, I'm glad to know you too. Thanks for your confidence.

    Yes, submit something! You can do it.

    @ Deniz, thanks! It is a Tiny Dancer anthology!

    @ JL Campbell, thank you!

  35. Congrats on "My Moment"!

    My writing group has a compilation of short stories coming out this Fall... stay tuned! (=

  36. Congrats!!! :)

    What a cool sounding project - thanks for the tip!

  37. Jessica and Len are pretty awesome.


  38. Congrats on your two successes! That's very exciting.

  39. Congratulations!! And thanks for the head's up about fascinating females. Maybe I can throw something together in time.

  40. Congratulations on having both a short story and an article coming out! You are definitely someone who is going place in the writing world, Theresa. And I know you make an equal difference in the lives of the students you teach. Wishing you a great day!


  41. @ Jo, thank you. Yes, keep me posted about the compilation of short stories.

    @ Jemi, thanks. I hope you consider writing a piece for "Fascinating Females".

    @ Jolene, Jessica and Len ARE pretty awesome.

    Thank you!

    @ Missed Periods, thanks. Congratulations on your book deal!

    @ Sophia, thank you. I hope you write something for the book project. Good luck!

    @ Michelle, thanks for the nice words. If only my manuscripts got the same positive reaction and my short stories. Hopefully they will soon.

    Hope you're having a great day too.